Curve Finance's recent hack has triggered a notable sell-off, resulting in a decline in the price of the exchange's native token, CRV, and has raised liquidation fears.

Decentralized finance protocols are proactively taking measures to shield themselves from the hack's aftermath.

Michael Egorov, Curve Finance's founder, had taken loans worth $100 million against CRV as collateral, creating a liquidation risk.

To mitigate the risk, Egorov sold 39.25 million CRV tokens to various DeFi investors, including Justin Sun, Machi Big Brother, and DWF Labs.

He partially repaid his USDT loans on Aave, reducing the amount from $63.20 million to $54.10 million.

Presently, Egorov's Wave loans face liquidation if the CRV price drops to $0.36 or lower.

Hackers are reportedly holding onto 7.1 million CRV tokens worth $4.5 million, which could be converted into stablecoins or more liquid tokens, potentially driving CRV prices lower.