Indian IT products distributor Redington announced a 5% rise in its quarterly profit on Wednesday.

The company, a key distributor for brands like Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Samsung, saw its consolidated net profit increase to 3.26 billion rupees ($39.06 million) for the quarter ending March 31.

This growth was supported by a surge in demand for mobile phones and computers in its principal markets.

The company’s revenue from operations also saw a near 3% rise to 224.33 billion rupees.

This increase is attributed particularly to an 8% growth in its SISA segment, covering markets in Singapore, India, and South Asia.

Within this segment, revenue from consumer and commercial personal computers, as well as print and supplies business, grew by 10%, while smartphones and feature phones saw a 6% increase.

Despite these gains, Redington experienced a 2% decline in revenue from the rest of the world.