QED, identified as the pioneering zk-Native blockchain protocol, successfully secured $3 million in a recent funding round.

Spearheaded by Arrington Capital, this financing endeavor saw contributions from an array of significant venture capital firms and corporations inclusive of Starkware, Draper Dragon, Blockchain Builders Fund, Lbk Labs, Paper Ventures, Valhalla Capital, Edessa Capital, and Anagram Ltd.

With this impressive financial backing, QED is geared towards a transformative mission within the Bitcoin ecosystem, leveraging its innovative technology to launch fully trustless zero-knowledge applications.

This development marks a critical step in the realisation of QED's ambitious goals, promising to bolster the integrity and functionality of Bitcoin through cutting-edge solutions.

By fostering a more secure, efficient, and scalable framework, QED is poised to redefine the paradigms of blockchain technology and its applications across various sectors.