The Prisma DAO members unanimously voted in favor of reactivating borrowing services on Prisma, demonstrating 100% support for the initiative.

This decision highlights the community's strong backing for the relaunch of borrowing services on Prisma, following a setback caused by an $11.6 million hack on March 28.3.

Prisma Finance is implementing a cautious strategy to resume operations, with the relaunch of the protocol contingent upon comprehensive consensus achieved through ongoing governance votes.

On April 3, Frank Olson, a core contributor at Prisma Finance, proposed a method for safely resuming protocol operations, involving the deposit of liquid staking tokens (LSTs) and liquid restaking tokens (LRTs) to borrow overcollateralised stablecoins.

A four-day governance vote initiated by the Prisma DAO on April 4 will play a crucial role in determining the protocol's operational restoration and future course of action.