Polygon CEO Marc Boiron sparked controversy by stating that layer-3 networks could harm Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH) by diverting its value.

Boiron believes that layer-3 solutions threaten to decrease Ethereum's value by shifting it onto layer-2 networks, which layer-3s are built upon.

Polygon Labs, under Boiron's leadership, opposes the development of layer-3 solutions, advocating that all necessary scaling can be achieved within layer-2 frameworks.

Boiron's stance raises concerns about Ethereum's value and security if all layer-3 solutions were to settle onto a single layer-2 platform.

This debate highlights critical questions about Ethereum's scalability and the role of different layers in its ecosystem, prompting the community to assess the merits of layer-2 solutions like Polygon against the potential risks of introducing a third layer.