Polkadot (CRYPTO:DOT) is embroiled in controversy as Manta Network (CRYPTO:MANTA) co-founder Victor Ji accuses the blockchain platform of discrimination and toxicity within its ecosystem.

Ji's criticism stemmed from the underrepresentation of Asian developers at a Polkadot Academy event in Hong Kong and alleged neglect from Polkadot's leadership towards regions like Asia.

He further claimed that Polkadot's environment is unsupportive and lacks value for Web3 innovation, prompting Manta Network to pivot away from Polkadot's parachain to Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH) Layer 2 solutions.

These accusations coincide with concerns over Polkadot's Treasury facing a potential funding crisis, with reports suggesting a looming insolvency within the next two years if current financial management continues unchecked.

As the situation unfolds, stakeholders are calling for greater transparency and accountability from Polkadot's leadership amid these challenges.