PM Capital Global Opportunities Fund Limited has a portfolio of investments across domestic banking - Europe, industrial commodities, domestic banking - USA, energy, gaming, industrials, alternative investment managers, housing Ireland & Spain, and other.

The portfolio has a net invested equity of 100%, with a long equity position of 110% and direct short position of -4% and index short position of -6%.

The current stock example includes ING Groep, Freeport-McMoRan, Bank of America, Shell, Wynn Resorts, Siemens, Apollo Global Management, and Cairn Homes.

The portfolio has a breakdown of investments by market capitalisation in Europe, North America, UK, Australia, and Asia (ex-Japan) of 42%, 33%, 11%, 7%, and 7% respectively.

The performance of the portfolio, after all costs and expenses (excluding tax), has a total return of 12.9% since its inception in 2013.

The company declared a fully franked dividend with a gross dividend yield of 8.9%.

The intended dividend is subject to there being no material adverse changes in market conditions and the investment performance of the Company’s portfolio.PM Capital Global Opportunities Fund Limited is a global equities (long/short) fund manager that invests money on behalf of private clients, the clients of financial advisers, and institutions with an investment style of fundamental, bottom-up, research-intensive approach.

It has a suggested investment time of seven years plus and is appropriate for investors seeking to profit from long-term capital growth over this investment horizon.

The company has prepared the information in this announcement and has a past performance of 1137% versus the MSCI World Net Total Return Index (AUD) of 255% to 31 December 2022.