Since January, Base, an Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH) layer 2 chain, has experienced a near 1900% increase in phishing scams, coinciding with a significant rise in its total value.

In March alone, cryptocurrency thieves swindled approximately $3.35 million through phishing scams on Base, according to the blockchain anti-scam platform Scam Sniffer.

This marks a 334% increase from February, where the losses amounted to $773,900, and an astonishing 1,880% hike from January, during which $169,000 was lost to such scams, based on data from Dune Analytics.

This surge in phishing activities aligns with the growing attractiveness of the Base platform to cybercriminals due to its expanding asset base.

The exponential increase in scam incidents underscores the vital need for heightened security measures and user vigilance on the platform.