Paradigm is in talks with investors to secure a fundraising target between 750 million to 850 million dollars for its latest venture into the crypto market as per a report by Bloomberg highlighting the firm's ambition in the digital asset space.

If successful this effort would surpass Paradigm's previous largest raise of 2.5 billion dollars achieved during the peak of the crypto bull run in November 2021 demonstrating the firm's continued bullish stance on the future of cryptocurrencies.

Despite previous setbacks such as the investment in the now-defunct FTX (CRYPTO:FTT), Paradigm's continued push for substantial funding rounds underscores its commitment to fostering growth and innovation within the crypto ecosystem.

The recent uptick in venture capital funding for crypto projects with March seeing 1.16 billion dollars raised indicates a rejuvenated interest in the sector Paradigm's current fundraising endeavor aims to capitalise on this momentum.