The 2024 Oslo Freedom Forum recently became a nexus for highlighting the looming threats central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) could wield on global freedoms.

Among attendees and activists, there's a consensus that CBDCs, while innovative, harbor potential for misuse, especially by authoritarian governments keen on intensifying their grip on citizens' freedoms.

This concern is amplified for those already battling for human rights under oppressive regimes.

The Forum, organised annually by the Human Rights Foundation in Oslo, Norway, serves as a crucial platform for human rights advocates to unite, share their adversities and aspirations, and strategise on forging paths towards more liberated futures.

Amid this gathering, I devoted myself to educating participants on the evolving CBDC landscape, leveraging an insightful installment piece crafted by the Human Rights Foundation, thus shedding light on the critical intersection of digital currency and freedom.