Orange Domains, initiated by Trust Machines, is set to enhance the Bitcoin Name System (BNS) by introducing decentralised applications and fostering a better connection between the traditional Domain Name System (DNS) and the evolving Web3 digital identity landscape.

The core objective is to bridge the existing gap between today's DNS-based internet, which lacks direct integration with modern blockchain technologies, and the Bitcoin-centric BNS structure.

This initiative, detailed in a press release dated March 4, aims to integrate DNS addresses with BNS addresses supported by Bitcoin, thereby creating a unified and interconnected web experience.

Furthermore, Orange Domains will revolutionise how Web3 domains are utilised by adopting a non-fungible token (NFT) model.

Users will have the ability to manage their domain equivalents as keys, enabling a plethora of functionalities such as website creation, email services, smart contract development, and financial management, all within a singular blockchain-based domain framework.