Ondo Finance has partnered with Zebec Network to introduce a revolutionary payment network leveraging tokenized real-world assets (RWA) and advanced payment technology.

Through this collaboration, Ondo aims to enhance real-time payroll payments using Zebec's innovative solutions and its own stablecoin, USDY (CRYPTO:USDY).

The integration of USDY into Zebec's suite of products signifies a significant advancement in redefining global financial ecosystems, offering companies and individuals efficient and seamless financial services.

The announcement of the partnership led to a 6% surge in ONDO token price, reflecting market confidence in the potential of the collaboration to transform financial services.

Looking forward, Zebec Network plans to provide users with passive income opportunities through the Instant Card feature, leveraging returns in USDY, while ensuring compliance with US Securities Law by excluding the United States from the availability of USDY.