Oklahoma Governor J. Kevin Stitt signed HB3594 into law, allowing citizens to self-custody Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC), fostering financial inclusivity and positioning the state at the forefront of US cryptocurrency regulation.

The law ensures no bans or additional fees on crypto transactions, while authorising certain digital asset mining activities, boosting local Bitcoin mining and usage.

HB3594 permits crypto users to self-custody via wallets, use cryptocurrencies for goods and services, and engage in compliant crypto mining activities, aligning with local regulations.

Oklahoma becomes the first US state to legally protect rights to mine and self-custody BTC, attracting crypto companies and potentially spurring wind and sustainable energy projects, according to the CEO of the Satoshi Action Fund.

With Oklahoma's move, it joins 11 other states in enacting measures to safeguard Bitcoin, amid ongoing regulatory pressures in the United States.