Reports reveal that the Lazarus hacker group from North Korea is leveraging LinkedIn to carry out targeted malware attacks, particularly targeting vulnerable cryptocurrency industry users.

SlowMist, a blockchain security analytics firm, disclosed that Lazarus hackers are posing as blockchain developers on LinkedIn, enticing victims to provide access to their repositories under the pretext of job applications, and subsequently deploying malicious code to steal confidential information and assets.

This tactic mirrors similar approaches observed in December 2023 when Lazarus posed as a fake Meta recruiter, showcasing the group's adaptability and persistence in exploiting digital platforms for illicit purposes.

Notorious for its sophisticated operations, Lazarus has been responsible for major crypto heists, including the $625 million Ronin Bridge hack, highlighting the significant challenges posed by cybercrime in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Despite efforts by crypto platforms to freeze and track illicit funds linked to Lazarus, the group continues to employ innovative methods, posing an ongoing threat to the security and integrity of the digital asset space.