The United Nations uncovered a breach of international finance laws, revealing that North Korea laundered $147.5 million in stolen cryptocurrency using Tornado Cash (CRYPTO:TORN).

North Korea's illicit crypto activities, including cyberattacks on cryptocurrency firms totaling $3.6 billion, fund its prohibited nuclear and missile programs.

Elliptic disclosed that North Korea's Lazarus group stole $112.5 million from the HTX crypto exchange in 2023, laundering over $100 million through Tornado Cash since March 2024.

The US imposed sanctions on Tornado Cash in 2022, accusing it of aiding hackers in laundering $7 billion in cryptocurrency, highlighting the platform's role in enabling significant financial crimes.

The case underscores the challenge of enforcing international sanctions against North Korea, as it exploits the anonymity of cryptocurrency mixers to evade detection and fund prohibited programs.