Night Crows, the latest MMORPG sensation from Wemade and MADNGINE, has officially launched globally, bringing its innovative gameplay and advanced tokenomics to gamers across 170 countries, supported by Unreal Engine 5's breathtaking graphics.

With a unique approach to server structure and an in-game economy, Night Crows introduces 24 servers across three regions, facilitating seamless gameplay and economic interaction, along with a server group-based Battlefront mode for thrilling combat experiences.

The game's pioneering multi-tokenomics model is highlighted by the main token, CROW, which players can earn through gameplay, promoting a direct link between in-game efforts and real-world economic benefits across multiple blockchain platforms.

Night Crows not only celebrates its success with a month-long "Festival of the Night" filled with events and exclusive prizes but also showcases its market impact with over 151 million USD in sales within seven months of its South Korean launch.