Anjola Femi, a Nigerian chemical engineering student, returned 90 Solana (CRYPTO:SOL) tokens valued at $14,000 after a crypto trader mistakenly sent him 100 SOL.

Praised by a crypto influencer known as "The Crypto Network," Femi's act of honesty garnered widespread admiration in the crypto community.

The influencer initially intended to gift Femi 100 SOL for winning a crypto giveaway but accidentally sent more than intended.

Femi's integrity was highlighted when he promptly returned the excess tokens upon realising the mistake, earning him over $5,000 in tips from impressed well-wishers.

This incident contrasts with previous cases where mistaken crypto transfers led to legal disputes.

Femi stated that his decision to return the tokens was guided by personal values, emphasising honesty as a principle he holds in high regard.