Natix Network's token, NATIX (CRYPTO:NATIX), recently achieved a milestone by being listed on major centralised exchanges like KuCoin, MEXC, and

However, prominent platforms such as Binance and Coinbase have not yet announced plans to support NATIX, impacting its market reach.

Natix Network specialises in creating a mapping solution driven by user-generated environmental data, crucial for smart-city applications.

Their flagship product, Drive&, integrates dashcam and navigation technologies using smartphone cameras to enhance urban navigation and driver experiences in real-time.

Despite accumulating over 130,000 registered devices and mapping 50 million kilometers of roads across 171 countries, Natix faces stiff competition from established players like Google Maps and emerging DePin projects like Hivemapper.

The listing on KuCoin coincided with a significant 45% decline in NATIX's price, signaling challenges in market adoption and competitive pressures that Natix must navigate to maintain its momentum and market relevance.