Mirror World is making significant strides in the Web3 gaming sector by unveiling its groundbreaking gaming rollup on the Solana blockchain, featuring "Sonic," an innovative Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) computation engine designed to empower developers with streamlined game development capabilities.

With the introduction of Sonic and its accompanying software development kit (SDK), developers now have the tools to deploy diverse game engines on Solana, aiming to enhance the gaming experience with quicker in-app transactions and the ability to handle millions of requests directly on Solana L1.

The underlying technology, HyperGrid, enables gaming platforms to create their own dedicated on-ramp services and cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregators, tailored for in-game functionalities, thereby enriching the gaming ecosystem with more seamless and interconnected experiences.

Since its launch, the Mirror World SDK has garnered significant interest, with 50 gaming clients already integrating it as initial distribution nodes, including three standout games, Mahjong Meta, Matr1x Fire, and Seraph/ActozSoft, which have collectively attracted over $30 million in series funding due to enhanced engagement.