Ahead of the European Union parliamentary elections set for June 2024, Meta, the parent corporation overseeing social giants like Facebook and Instagram, has committed to addressing the misuse of generative artificial intelligence (AI) on its platforms.

By outlining a strategy focused on preserving electoral integrity, Meta emphasises its dedication to curbing potentially harmful AI-generated content that could impact the democratic process.

Marco Pancini, the head of EU Affairs at Meta, elaborated on this initiative in a blog post dated February 25, explaining that the company's existing Community Standards and Ad Standards are pivotal in the regulation of AI-produced materials.

Furthermore, Meta intends to leverage its network of independent fact-checking partners, enabling them to review AI-generated content.

This process includes categorising content as "altered" if it encompasses any form of manipulated audio, video, or photos, aiming to ensure transparency and authenticity in the digital discourse surrounding the elections.