Mark Zuckerberg's recent showcase of photorealistic avatars during a podcast conversation with computer scientist Lex Fridman has captured the attention of crypto audiences.

The entire exchange has been posted via X on September 28, generating  25,000 reactions from the community at press time.

The conversation unfolded through lifelike avatars within the Metaverse, facilitated by Meta's Quest 3 headsets and noise-cancelling headphones.

Despite ongoing critiques of Meta's earlier, the tech giant has introduced technological developments in its products, and made substantial investments into Metaverse technology.

The technology behind the recent podcast's innovation is referred to as Codec Avatars, a Meta research endeavor that was initially unveiled in 2019. Codec Avatars' primary objective is to craft fully photorealistic avatars that operate in real-time, all powered by headsets equipped with facial tracking sensors.

Zuckerberg offered a caveat, suggesting that widespread availability of this technology to everyday consumers may still be a minimum of three years away. This delay is due to the need for advanced machine learning software and specialized equipment.