Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META), the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, announced on Tuesday that it will intensify efforts to remove posts that misuse the term "Zionists" to refer to Jewish people and Israelis in a derogatory manner.

This update targets content that uses the term not in its political context but as a vehicle for antisemitism, including threats and harmful stereotypes.

The company clarified in a blog post that, moving forward, it will delete posts that attack "Zionists" when these do not refer to the political movement, especially those that incorporate antisemitic tropes or threaten violence against Jews or Israelis.

This is in line with Meta's hate speech policy, which forbids direct attacks based on protected characteristics such as race, ethnicity, and religious affiliation.

Meta explained that the revision of its policy comes after recognizing that its previous guidelines did not adequately cover the broader misuse of the term "Zionist."