In the past 90 days, niche cryptocurrencies have seen remarkable gains, outpacing Bitcoin's (CRYPTO:BTC) 23.4% rise.

Meme coins like Pepe (CRYPTO:PEPE) and dogwifhat (CRYPTO:WIF) skyrocketed by 705% and 692.3%, respectively, with FLOKI (CRYPTO:FLOKI) following at 422.88%.

Other significant gainers include Arweave's (CRYPTO:AR) (336.2%), AI-focused FET (CRYPTO:FET) (223.1%), and Shiba Inu (CRYPTO:SHIB) at 134.4%.

This period also saw Render (CRYPTO:RNDR) up 119.4%.

The surge in meme coins and specialised tokens emphasises the volatile and dynamic nature of the crypto market, where rapid trends and technological innovations drive substantial value shifts.