In a somewhat unconventional turn of events in the cryptocurrency market, liquidity has unusually transitioned directly from Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) to memecoins, bypassing the typical pathway observed in previous bullish cycles.

Industry insiders are describing the current cycle of Bitcoin halvings as the most peculiar bull market ever recorded.

This sentiment comes in the aftermath of an unexpectedly early peak in Bitcoin's value, followed by a significant influx of interest and investment into memecoins.

Zach Rynes, known as 'ChainLinkGod' and a community liaison for Chainlink (CRYPTO:CHAIN), expressed his bewilderment to his 171,000 followers on X, remarking on the odd nature of this bull run.

Normally, liquidity patterns would start with Bitcoin, shift towards Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH) and other large-cap cryptocurrencies, before trickling down the hierarchy, but this cycle has defied such norms.