Mayfield Group Holdings (ASX:MYG) has reported positive performance for the 11 months to 31 May 2023 and now forecasts revenues of approximately $77M for the year ending 30 June 2023.

The communications company said it also expects an EBITDA of approximately $6M and a pre-tax profit (PBT) of around $3.8M.

It is anticipated that strong performance will allow Mayfield to use $3.2M of deferred tax assets related to prior year tax losses, resulting in no payable tax on the pre-tax profit until losses are fully utilised.

Mayfield also reported a net positive working capital of nearly $10M and plans on issuing a final dividend of 1.0c per share, bringing the total dividend payout for 2023 to around $1.5M or about 40% of PBT.