Matterport (NASDAQ:MTTR), a leading innovator in digital twin technology, has reached a significant milestone by surpassing one million active subscribers.

This achievement highlights the company's substantial growth in the SaaS sector, underpinned by its strategic initiatives to make 3D capture technology widely accessible.

Through offering affordable subscription tiers, enabling smartphone compatibility, and launching advanced capture devices like the Pro3 camera, Matterport has democratized 3D capture, leading to a remarkable 75x increase in subscriber count in just five years.

This milestone not only reflects Matterport's solidified market leadership in 3D capture and digital twin technology but also marks a pivotal moment in its financial trajectory, setting the stage for the company to potentially achieve cash flow break-even within the year.

The company's commitment to its SaaS model, which now accounts for 60% of total revenue—a significant increase from the previous year, has been core to its user base expansion.

As Matterport looks to the future, it emphasizes continued investment in AI-powered features and generative AI solutions to further revolutionize how businesses and individuals engage with physical spaces.