Mantle (CRYPTO:MNT) has been captivating investors with its notable price increases, recently hitting an all-time high before experiencing a slight correction.

Currently hovering around $1.22, the cryptocurrency demonstrates resilience, comfortably above the 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA).

Despite a significant sell-off by non-exchange whale addresses, totaling approximately $36 million, the broader Mantle community shows a predominant inclination to hold, with 87% of active addresses neither in profit nor loss.

This collective stance suggests a potential for further rallies, albeit under the shadow of recent sell-offs.

Analysts speculate that while Mantle might face consolidation near its newly established resistance level of $1.31, the underlying support at $1.07 and the bullish sentiment among holders could pave the way for another peak attempt, unless a breach below $1.07 propels a retreat to the $0.94 support, challenging the current optimistic outlook.