Kenny Li from Manta emphasises the superiority of "modular" blockchain designs for long-term survival amid the fierce competition in the Ethereum layer 2 space.

Despite the existence of 44 active layer 2 networks on Ethereum, boasting a total value locked (TVL) of $36.92 billion—with Arbitrum leading at $14.5 billion—Li predicts that only a handful will remain operational in the next five years.

He specifically champions the potential of modular blockchains like Manta, Celestia, and Cosmos over their counterparts. Critics, however, view this assertion as merely a marketing tactic, questioning the genuine advantages of modular designs over the traditional approaches.

Despite the scepticism, the debate highlights the evolving dynamics and challenges within the blockchain ecosystem, underscoring the critical need for innovative solutions to ensure scalability, efficiency, and long-term viability in the face of rising competition and technological demands.