The Lucky Star Currency (LSC) project, which revolves around astrology-themed NFTs, is facing allegations of conducting an exit scam that amounts to over $1 million.

According to a report by Certik, the account responsible for deploying the project withdrew and exchanged more than $1 million worth of LSC tokens for Binance USD stablecoin.

During the early hours of the day, an address on the BNB Smart Chain removed over 1.6 million LSC tokens from the AwardCenter contract associated with Lucky Star Currency.

An additional 1.4 million LSC tokens were drained from the project's NFTMerge contract since then.

After successfully obtaining the funds, the initiator executed a swap, converting them into over $1 million worth of BUSD using Pancake Swap, and redirected the funds to another account.

It is worth noting that the recipient account has been receiving BUSD from various sources for the past 82 days, indicating that multiple scams may be depositing funds into this account.