The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) has posted a job opening for a director position to oversee its digital assets.

The LinkedIn job posting indicates that the LSEG is looking for to hire a digital asset lead with extensive experience in the financial services industry.

This role will focus on the go-to-market strategy and commercialisation of digital solutions for private markets, including private funds, private equity, and private debt.

The appointed individual is expected to play a vital part in the group's digital asset strategy, which encompasses the introduction of a blockchain-based exchange.

This move is part of LSEG's continued technological modernisation efforts, with ongoing partnerships with Microsoft aimed at advancing artificial intelligence initiatives.

In September, the company revealed plans for a new digital markets business, intending to become the first major exchange to offer extensive trading of traditional financial assets using blockchain technology.

The initiative has revealed plans to leverage the technology that powers popular tokens like Bitcoin to enhance the efficiency of purchasing, selling, and holding traditional assets, but noted that it is not intending to build anything around crypto assets during that time.