In a recent documentary, Logan Paul addresses the controversy surrounding CryptoZoo (CRYPTO:ZOO), asserting it's not a scam despite facing criticism and legal action.

Meanwhile, OpenSea takes a step towards enhancing creator royalties by enabling support for the ERC-721C token standard within its marketplace, ensuring creators can enforce royalties on their collections.

Amid security concerns, Munchables, recovering from a $68 million hack, announces a comprehensive restructuring plan. This includes revamping its team and implementing enhanced security measures, such as reworking its multisig system and engaging trusted entities as signers to safeguard funds.

In a positive development for the Web3 gaming industry, Wilder World secures a listing on the Epic Games Store during its alpha testing phase. The game, built on blockchain technology, aims to offer a free-roam virtual world with NFT integration, highlighting its commitment to tradable digital assets within its marketplace.