In the past 22 days, liquid staking platforms have witnessed a significant downturn, shedding 340,000 ETH (CRYPTO:ETH) from their vaults, marking a 2.45% decrease in staked assets.

This drop, affecting 27 unique platforms, represents a substantial $1.18 billion worth of ether deciding to exit the staking scene.

Leading the pack, Lido (CRYPTO:LDO) saw a reduction of 200,000 ETH in its holdings, accounting for nearly 59% of the total decline across the board.

Despite this, Lido still commands a dominant 71.35% share of the total ether staked, underlining its central role in the liquid staking domain.

Other platforms like Rocket Pool held steady, while Binance recorded a slight increase, showcasing a mixed response across the sector to the shifting dynamics of ether staking.