Current CEO of Lightspark and former PayPal President David Marcus believes that Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) has the potential to become the native currency of artificial intelligence (AI) as cryptocurrencies gain traction in mainstream adoption.

During a speech at MicroStrategy World: Bitcoin for Corporations 2024, Marcus emphasised Bitcoin's role in removing the friction of converting non-digital money into digital assets, highlighting its neutrality and efficiency as key factors.

He pointed out that in a globalised world, where different regions may not accept each other's digital assets, Bitcoin stands out as the most neutral and digitally native form of internet money.

Drawing parallels with AI's development of a neutral language for translation, Marcus suggested that Bitcoin could serve as a neutral medium for transferring value over the internet, akin to Google Translate's AI creating its own language for communication.

Marcus's vision aligns with Bitcoin's current market performance, with the cryptocurrency trading at $58,714 at the time of the report, signaling a gain of 1.89% in the last 24 hours amid attempts to reverse recent losses.