Robert Kiyosaki, the mind behind "Rich Dad Poor Dad," is sounding the alarm for investors to pivot from the U.S. dollar to Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC), gold, and silver, citing the impending risk to baby boomers' retirement funds amid a crash in paper assets.

Highlighting recent bank failures in China and the U.S. commercial real estate downturn, Kiyosaki underscores the vulnerability of traditional investment vehicles, like REITs, in current market conditions.

Kiyosaki's distrust in fiat currencies is palpable as he pushes for investment in what he terms "real" assets—gold, silver, and Bitcoin—arguing that their intrinsic value cannot be undermined by excessive printing or digital creation.

With a dire warning about the state of the global financial system, Kiyosaki is not just critical of fiat currencies but also points out the structural weaknesses exposed by the crises in the real estate sectors of the world's largest economies.

Amid his stark predictions for Bitcoin's value surge in the near term, Kiyosaki's advocacy for cryptocurrency investment reflects his broader skepticism towards traditional financial systems and his belief in decentralised assets as a haven for retirees.