As Bitcoin's (CRYPTO:BTC) bull run gathers momentum, the influx of new investors, facilitated by exchange-traded funds (ETFs), reshapes the market landscape.

Novice investors typically gravitate towards established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH), anticipating moderate gains over time.

Meanwhile, experienced players diversify their portfolios, exploring smaller projects with the potential for significant returns, such as new layer-1 protocols and lending platforms.

Amid this evolving landscape, three prominent narratives emerge: the fusion of artificial intelligence and blockchain, the tokenisation of real assets and debt, and the ongoing enhancements in blockchain technology efficiency.

However, amid these trends, the emphasis on comprehensibility and clarity remains paramount, as investors seek to navigate complex projects and understand their potential implications.

Ultimately, staying informed and attentive to emerging narratives is essential, recognising the influence of institutional investors in shaping market trends.