Humanity Protocol is stepping into the Web3 space with a promise to enhance adoption through a privacy-first identity verification solution centered around biometric palm recognition.

This innovative approach, launched by Human Institute, aims to stand as a privacy-preserving alternative to more invasive biometric methods like iris scans, offering users a more comfortable way to verify their identity within the Web3 ecosystem.

Revealed in a recent press release to Cointelegraph, Humanity Protocol was initiated on the Polygon CDK testnet on February 20, in a collaborative effort involving Animoca Brands and Polygon Labs.

Yat Siu, the co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, emphasised the significance of Humanity Protocol's approach, contrasting it with other proof-of-personhood solutions that tend to be overly invasive and cumbersome for users.

According to Siu, Humanity Protocol not only minimises these issues but also propels forward the agenda of equity and inclusion within the digital realm, presenting a pivotal step towards fostering a more accessible and privacy-conscious Web3 environment.