Despite Lido's (CRYPTO:LDO) liquid-staking platform for Solana(CRYPTO:SOL) having been closed down five months ago, a significant sum of $24 million in tokenised staked Solana (stSOL) remains locked due to a malfunctioning smart contract.

Originally, Lido on Solana provided users with an opportunity to stake their Solana (SOL) tokens for a 5% yield.

However, due to financial unfeasibility and low fee generation, the service was discontinued in October last year.

Initially, users were given the chance to unstake their Solana easily via a user-friendly interface until February, after which only the more complex method of manual unstaking through Solana’s command line interface (CLI) remained available.

This change has left a significant amount of stSOL stranded, affecting numerous users who had participated in the staking program.