Hedera (CRYPTO:HBAR) experiences a remarkable 100% surge following BlackRock's announcement of tokenising its US Treasury money market fund on Hedera's blockchain, signaling a significant milestone in real-world asset tokenisation.

This integration of traditional finance with Hedera's blockchain technology demonstrates the network's institutional appeal, driven by its speed, security, and low fees, with Archax expanding tokenised financial instruments to institutional clients.

The surge in HBAR's price reflects investor confidence in Hedera's ability to handle significant financial instruments and facilitate blockchain integration into mainstream finance, positioning it as a key player in the financial sector.

With HBAR climbing into the top 30 cryptocurrencies and achieving a market cap of $4.7 billion, trading volume surges to $2 billion, showcasing market enthusiasm for innovation and institutional adoption in the crypto space.

Following the surge, HBAR undergoes a price correction, testing support levels around $0.13, while resistance at $0.18 - $0.20 indicates potential for further price movement, with a correction below $0.125 suggesting a continued downward trend.