Healthcare Realty Trust Incorporated (NYSE:HR) announced it has generated around $400 million from joint ventures and asset sales so far in 2024.

The company projects that the total proceeds from these initiatives will surpass $1 billion. 

These funds are primarily earmarked for share repurchases and fulfilling existing capital commitments, with the bulk of the transactions expected to close in the third quarter of the year.

Todd Meredith, President and CEO of Healthcare Realty Trust, expressed optimism about reaching the $1 billion milestone, stating, "We are quickly approaching $1 billion of proceeds from asset sale and JV transactions. Our top capital allocation priority is redeploying these proceeds to fund accretive, leverage-neutral share repurchases.” 

Meanwhile, the company says it is broadening its collaborations with prominent investment firms KKR and Nuveen Real Estate, which is expected to enhance its capital growth prospects.