Hazer Group is poised to advance its hydrogen technology to commercial scale through a strategic partnership with two prominent Japanese entities. 

A memorandum of understanding outlines a collaborative effort between Hazer, Chubu Electric, and engineering firm Chiyoda Corporation, with the aim of establishing a commercial-scale hydrogen plant in Japan's Chubu region, utilising Hazer's cutting-edge technology.

This announcement follows a three-year collaboration between Hazer and Chiyoda and coincides with Hazer's preparations to commence production at a $16 million demonstration plant in Perth, partially funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. 

Hazer's revolutionary process, originating from the University of Western Australia, employs iron ore as a catalyst to convert natural gas into hydrogen, along with high-quality graphite, increasingly in demand by electric battery manufacturers. 

This method not only produces hydrogen as a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels but also offers cost savings and substantially reduces carbon emissions compared to energy-intensive processes.

Chubu Electric plans to utilise the hydrogen produced by the prospective Japanese plant for power generation and other hard-to-abate industries, including transportation, in the Nagoya region.