Australian hydrogen technology company Hazer Group has secured its second major partnership deal in just a matter of months.

The company is set to collaborate with the European energy giant Engie to establish a commercial hydrogen and graphite production facility at a French LNG terminal. 

This groundbreaking agreement follows closely on the heels of Hazer Group's announcement of plans for a similar facility in Japan alongside Chubu Electric and Chiyoda.

This latest collaboration marks a significant milestone for Hazer Group as it signifies the company's inaugural entry into the European market. 

Engie, a global energy industry leader, has thrown its weight behind this venture, offering a resounding validation of Hazer Group's innovative technology.

The proposed plant is set to be situated at Engie's LNG terminal in Fos-sur-Mer, France, where it will harness Hazer Group's proprietary technology to convert natural gas into hydrogen and graphite. 

The hydrogen produced will be made available to industrial clients in the region, while the graphite will find applications in various sectors, including batteries and electric vehicles.