HashKey Global announces the listing of XRADERS (XR) with deposits starting on July 8, 2024, and spot trading beginning on July 11, 2024.

To celebrate, HashKey Global is offering two events with a total prize pool of 142,000 XR and 120,000 USDT (CRYPTO:USDT).

The "Lock to Earn" event allows participants to lock ETH to earn XR tokens, with rewards calculated and deposited daily.

A "New User Deposit and Trade to Earn" event offers 100 USDT to the first 1,200 new users who sign up, complete KYC, deposit XR, and make their first trade.

Additionally, an invitation prize pool of 10,000 USDT rewards users with 20 USDT per invitee who joins the Lock to Earn program.

HashKey Global provides licensed digital asset trading services and is licensed under Bermuda's full Digital Asset Business investor protection regime.