Hamster Kombat, a Telegram-based game, has achieved phenomenal growth, attracting 239 million users within three months of its launch.

The game's rapid rise, highlighted by its 100 million monthly users milestone in just 73 days, positions it as one of the fastest-growing digital services globally.

With massive social media followings and a Guinness World Record attempt for its YouTube channel, Hamster Kombat exemplifies the viral potential of Telegram's mini-app ecosystem.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov lauded Hamster Kombat's success, noting its leadership in a new wave of Telegram mini apps.

The game's team plans to mint its token on The Open Network (TON) soon, potentially emulating the market impact of Notcoin's (CRYPTO:NOT) NOT token.

Notcoin, in partnership with Helika Gaming, aims to bolster Telegram gaming through a $50 million accelerator program, enhancing TON's blockchain ecosystem.