Hamilton, a startup focused on real-world asset (RWA) tokenisation, has announced the tokenisation of U.S. Treasury bills on Bitcoin's (CRYPTO:BTC) layer two (L2) platforms such as Stacks (CRYPTO:STK), Core (CRYPTO:CORE), and BoB (CRYPTO:BOB).

This initiative marks a significant advancement in integrating traditional finance with Bitcoin's decentralised finance (defi) sector, aiming to enhance financial accessibility and liquidity within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

By leveraging Bitcoin's L2 solutions, Hamilton seeks to improve scalability, reduce costs, and increase the tradability of government-backed assets.

The move comes amidst projections that the RWA market could reach $16 trillion by 2030, underscoring the potential impact of bridging these assets with blockchain technology.

Hamilton plans to make these tokenised Treasury bills available soon, emphasising the historic step towards financial independence through the combination of Bitcoin's security and tokenised assets.