GSK (NYSE:GSK) reported a robust start to 2024, demonstrating significant growth across its broad portfolio, with Q1 results revealing a 10% increase in sales, reaching £7.4 billion.

The uplift reflects a strong performance in the Vaccines, Specialty Medicines, and General Medicines segments, excluding the impact of COVID-19 solutions.

Vaccines alone saw a 16% increase, propelled by the sales of Shingrix (£0.9 billion, up 18%) and Arexvy (£0.2 billion).

Specialty Medicines also experienced substantial growth, rising by 17%, driven by a 14% rise in HIV treatments.

Additionally, General Medicines reported a modest 1% increase, with notable success from Trelegy (£0.6 billion, up 33%).

Other highlights from the quarter include a substantial 27% rise in core operating profit and a core EPS of 28%.