Gryphon Digital Mining is embroiled in a legal struggle with Sphere 3D, aiming to freeze $10 million that Sphere 3D recently obtained from settling with Core Scientific.

The conflict intensified on March 25 with Gryphon's attempt to block Sphere 3D's access to the settlement funds through a pre-motion letter to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Gryphon's legal move seeks to ensure the availability of these funds for any future judgments stemming from an alleged breach of contract by Sphere 3D, which reportedly violated an exclusivity clause by entering into hosting agreements with other providers.

Gryphon claims damages of at least $30 million due to Sphere 3D's actions, which have now led to heightened legal actions between the two Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) mining entities.

The ongoing legal dispute underscores the complexities and competitive nature of the cryptocurrency mining industry.