Shares of GameStop (NYSE:GME) experienced a significant downturn for a second consecutive session on Monday, as efforts by stock influencer Keith Gill, better known as "Roaring Kitty," failed to rekindle investor enthusiasm.

Despite his return to YouTube after a three-year hiatus, the retailer's stock plunged further, highlighting ongoing struggles.

Keith Gill, who became a central figure in the 2021 GameStop trading frenzy, hosted a livestream on Friday, coinciding with GameStop’s announcement of a new share sale.

During the session, Gill engaged with viewers through memes and issued multiple disclaimers about his discussions on GameStop.

Despite attracting over 2.4 million views by Monday, the livestream did not translate into positive momentum for the stock.

GameStop shares dropped nearly 15% to $24.06 on Monday, following a nearly 40% decline on Friday.

The drop came in the wake of the company reporting decreased quarterly sales and announcing plans to sell up to 75 million shares.