Galactic Group, in collaboration with industry veterans from Disney and Sony, announces the launch of Galactic Entertainment Publishing, a groundbreaking web3 gaming division focused on play-to-own models.

Led by industry visionary Loren Roosendaal and co-founder Mark Meyers, former Head of Disney's AAA Studios, Galactic Entertainment aims to revolutionise web3 gaming standards by introducing AAA-quality experiences.

Their flagship project, PlanetQuest, embraces community-driven development, involving over 250,000 fans in co-creating its storyline and lore, setting a new precedent in collaborative game creation.

With a play-to-own model powered by blockchain technology, Galactic Entertainment enables players to truly own and trade in-game assets, challenging the traditional free-to-play model and fostering a more equitable gaming economy.

Galactic Entertainment's commitment to innovation and community-driven decision-making positions it as a pioneering force in reshaping the future of entertainment.