FTAI Aviation (NASDAQ:FTAI) is actively evaluating a range of strategic initiatives aimed at expanding its footprint in the aviation industry.

As revealed in a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the company and its wholly-owned subsidiary, FTAI LLC, are assessing potential acquisitions that could be financed through a variety of methods, including new debt issuance, utilizing its revolving credit facility, or by issuing new equity shares.

While these exploratory steps signal FTAI's ambition for growth, the company notes that the finalization, timing, and financial impact of any such transactions remains uncertain at this stage.

In a strategic move to enhance its financial agility, FTAI has also initiated a private offering of $650 million in senior notes set to mature in 2031.

This effort is designed to refinance the company's existing 6.50% Senior Notes due in 2025.

The anticipated net proceeds from the offering will primarily support the tender offer for the 2025 Notes, facilitate any necessary redemption of notes not acquired through the tender offer, and cover related fees and expenses.

This financial maneuver is part of FTAI Aviation's comprehensive strategy to strengthen its balance sheet and support its pursuit of new opportunities within the rapidly evolving aviation sector.