Scammers have reportedly been employing a fabricated news article concerning a million-dollar Uniswap breach to execute phishing attacks.

Users are being directed to a duplicate version of Blockworks website, which showcases a deceitful report about the $37 million Uniswap exploit, prompting to visit a fraudulent Etherscan webpage to revoke authorisations.

CoinTelegraph alerted that the duplicated Etherscan domain hosts a smart contract employed with a wallet drainer, potentially siphoning a cryptocurrency wallet once it is linked.

The counterfeit Etherscan site has been registered on October 25, with the fraudulent Blockworks domain established the following day.

In a separate Twitter post dated October 25, Scam Sniffer, an anti-scam platform in the realm of Web3, revealed the utilisation of another wallet-draining mechanism by scammers on a website that replicated the popular cryptocurrency news source Decrypt.